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Which OSX to install on PC

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Ive been scanning through the forums over the last couple of days learning about different problems and methods of how to install OSX.

But... the problem is some people are saying that installing Leopard directly is useless as it wont work! <_<

So i thought I could ask the lucky few who have got things going to let us know.


Ok so the problem there are two versions of a patched leopard out the kalyway and ToH.

Differences between the two?? <_<


Secondly how many successful installation of leopard from scratch with dualboot (XP or Vista). And what did you do?


there are a lot of guides which tell us how to install the OS but not many guides to tell us what we must consider like Partitions? second hardrives? versions of OS? and what method proves to work the best overall.


If you beautiful(in a non patronizing way) <_< people could help us noobs in this it would help us narrow down are option rather than asking question all the time.


thanks a lot


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I installed kalyway 10.5.1, my video is a nvidia 7600 GT, DG31PR intel mother board, 2 gigs of ddr2 memory,intel 2GH core 2 duo.

After install the video works , sound works, nic onboard works, sleep doesn't seem to work.

installed kalyway 10.5.2 upgrade, then graphics update, finally kernal 9.2 update.

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ahh well im istalling kalyway 10.5.1 on my rig. See my sig. So far im still downloading but ive made a note of all the problems i can possibly run into by checking all the forums and all the solutions to them. so im good to go. although i guess my biggest problem using leo since ive never used it before.



dunno not using vmware. but if you find a solution plz add it to your post so others dont have to go running around.


ill beposting all the possible problems I anticipate running into and their solution after my install to help everyone out. coz im nice -_-


nyway guys keep you post coming lets make sure same questions arent repeated on other threads



well youll be happy to know. it works everything without a hitch. i love this forum and the wiki. thanks everyone


ps if youve got problems on similar system to mine pm me i may be able to help

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