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Via 8237S


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I've been trying for long to get OSX86 working on my laptop. At first I've runned across a graphic adapter problem (nVIDIA 8400G) wich made all installs stall or reboot when the Vesa Frame Buffer started. This appeared to be worked out in 10.5.2 (using aTKOS r2). Got a pretty happy smile when the apple instalation screens started. Got a problem a few screens after, the install doesnt see my Hard Drive. I get to see that Apple.VIAATA doesnt recognize my SATA II controller.


I'm pretty much happy with aTKOS, since from scratch is recognized most of my hardware (including Ethernet and Wireless), but the main problem.


Anyone has a workaround for this ? My chipset is Via 8237S (Via 0591).


I'm pretty new at Darwin/OSX, what is the procedure you will recomend to get this running, and if there's a way to get a live installation running on a Ramdisk and recompile kernel with the correct drivers ?



Thanks for you help, any orientation or pinpoint to the driver will make my day.



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