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Multi-Boot with GRUB

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Currently I have OSx86 10.4.11 installed. I also have Windows Vista and openSUSE installed. I use the Grub bootloader to multi-boot all 3. How can I setup Leo4All and still keep my Grub bootloader setup. And what is EFI, and should I install it?


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I use grub with my Leo install. I just added this entry to the .conf Grub file (or whatever file stores grub info in openSuse, you should be able to find that out):


title Mac OS X Leopard


root (hd1,0)






chainloader +1


Where the "root" is where you Leo install is. What I would do is simply install Leo ontop of your Tiger installation. That way you won't have to change anything in grub to configure the new OS. Also, EFI is a must if you want to use the vanilla kernel, which I definitely suggest you do. I installed EFI + MBR, not GUID, and that didn't touch grub at all. If anything happens to grub, boot into openSuse (via LiveCD) and reinstall grub. This worked for me.

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Yeah triple booting is easy with OSX if you have a secondary drive dedicated but if its on the same drive as your Win and Lin install you might need to rewrite grub to the mbr. Kalyway will overwrite the mbr with the Boot MBR option checked on install.


To boot using EFI you can simply place the boot_v8 file where grub is and add this to your grub menu.lst


To edit menu.lst type in terminal:


sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst


Add the following at the bottom:


title OSX

kernel (hdX,Y)/locationToEFI/boot_v8


X being the hard drive from 0 to n

Y being the partition from 0 to n

locationToEFI being the folder structure to the file


If you do overwrite your Grub with the OSX installer do the following:


Boot into your Linux Live CD of choice

Get into the terminal

Type the following


sudo grub

find /boot/grub/stage1 #will return a location

root (hdX,Y) #use the location returned above

setup (hd0)


Exit terminal



Hope this helps others, ive had to do this a few times myself

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