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how to prep/format HDDs?


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Hey all.


I am trying to install iATKOS v1.0i R3 on my ASUS P5N-E 650i nforce. (head over to mysticus' nforce install topic...you can also follow my situation there). I can easily get through the install, but booting is different - I just end up with the blinking underscore.


I am installing iATKOS from a DVD, not from another hard disk. From the DVD, I want to install it on a clean, unformatted drive ('Hard Drive C', as listed in my signature, and 'Disk 1' in the screenshot). I do not plan to dual-boot or do anything fancy, I just want leopard on that drive - so that if I need to use Leo, all I have to do is unplug the Windows drive and plug in the Leo one. I hope this is fairly simple to understand =D


Anyways, I have no clue how to format it. Below is an image of my Disk Management console in Vista, and my diskpart prompt. As of now, I installed iATKOS but I am at the point where I cannot boot into it, I just get the blinking underscore. As you can all see, there is a 200MB "unallocated" partition, the center HFS+ partition (of which Leopard is currently on), and another 100MB "unallocated" partition. This is what I get each time I install iATKOS.


My question is, if I start over and wipe the disk, how do I set it up for a fresh installation of iATKOS? In disk utility, what do I do to get it MBR vs. GUID (I can't find a way to get it out of GUID). Can I even use GUID at all? When do I change the boot flags (and how/what order!!) agh! This is all so confusing... its difficult to type lol.


Can anyone guide me through what they did / how to do it properly? Step by step?


All help is greatly appreciated =D thank you





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watched a couple...why is it theirs have darwin_boot as an option in the installer? All I have is disk utility and terminal. if they are just setting the partition active, I guess I could just use terminal.


I am using R3 so...

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uhhh.....I don't see where it asks anything about MBR or GUID. All I can do is tick what drivers/bootloaders to install. I chose EFI bootloader not x86 bootloader. Sorry...maybe I am missing it? =/

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why is your Disk 1 partition style GPT?

and why is your OS installed on the second partition!?


I advise you to delete all volumes on Disk 1, create 2 or 3 (MBR) partitions,

format the first partition,

then boot from iAtkos DVD,

and Clean (that's Mac lingo for Format) the first partition from Disk Utilities as OSX Journaled Extended and name it something like OS

click next and select the first partition to install..

then click customize..


As for dual boot, it's not complicated!

when done installing, boot into Vista

copy CHAIN0 file from your iAtkos DVD to C:\


download EasyBCD (really easy to use..)

click on Add/Remove Entries button > select Mac tab > name it and click on add Entry

then click on Manage Bootloader > then Write MBR

now when you boot you have a choice between Vista or OS X

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hmm. ok I will try that. I use GParted Live CD for the most part rather than windows but I will follow your steps. Anyways (just fyi)- when I install iATKOS, the disk drive first comes up as Maxtor 6Y120M0, with no partitions listed below it. After I install, somehow GParted LiveCD shows a 200MB FAT32 partition, a the 114GB HFS+ partition, and 120MB unallocated. Again the OS is in the 2nd partition. Also the FAT32 partition is automatically flagged for boot. When I try to flag the HFS+ partition for boot, the FAT32 partition turns to mftres (whatever the hell that is).


Edit: Ok got the MBR partition (it took me forever to figure out it was on the "partition" tab and not the "erase" tab lol) . Installing and will post result.

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