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Stuck on grey screen

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I have leopard 10.5 patched for amd dvd. When I boot the disk to install on my second partition, It simply sits on the grey screen before the installer. This is all it does, I can't figure out why, I left it sitting this way while i went to work, came home it was still like this. I'm not sure what the issue is.


Any clue on how to get past this screen. I have windows xp installed already, and have made the 2 partitions needed. My motherboard supports what Mac os x needs to work.


Any clues?




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I have the same problem except i get more of a blue screen. I read on another thread you need to go into BIOS and go to power management and change a setting at S0 to S2 or S3. i cant seem to find power management in my BIOS. Do you have it?

good luck.

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