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For some reason when I do a direct connection from my cable modem to my desktop with gigabyte ds3l board the internet seems slower. It takes pages much longer to load up than they should. Despite that speedtest still says I am running over 28 mbps. I just bought a really nice gigabit switch and connected it through that, and it still have the same problem. Now if I connect it through my $3.49 after rebate wireless router it runs extremely fast for page loads. I am perplexed as to why it is doing this, but I need to get it running well through the switch, b/c this pos router I am only using to broadcast wireless signal, and I do not trust it to stay up long if my desktop is conected to it while downloading torrents all the time. I would appreciate any help.


Another problem I have is that I can't get it to say that my port is open on utorrent (running through vmware) even when I have my modem connected straight to the pc, and also when I open the port on the router, and my tracker says I am unconnectable.

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