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Dell Installation Attempt


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Hello folks,


First, I hope that I am posting in the correct section to get proper help. If I am not, I do apologize.

To start off I've attempted to install Kalyway's 10.5.1 Release on my Dell XPS 410n Desktop's external HD.


The specs of my machine are as follows:

Dell XPS 410n 
Processor: Intel Dual Core E6600, 2.4ghz, 4M cache
250gb SATA HD (Internal)
(My external USB drive is 130gb(IDE I believe))
Video: Nvida GeForce 83000 GS (128 mb)
Sound: On-board Conextant CX23880
USB Keyboard and Mouse.


Here's what I've done so far with some level of success: I boot off the Install DVD using the vanilla kernel (boot: vanilla -v). I formated my external drive with a single partition (GUID partition table)... It successfully formats the drive... I chose to Install the Vanilla kernel packages, along side with the GUID EFI bootloader (no extra drivers were picked at installation). I wait 20minutes or so for Leopard to complete install. I reboot - I get a nasty kernel panic! I asked a friend, he told me to remove the NVDAResman.kext. This got me loading the GUI correctly, I thought I might have a successful install after all.. Well.. I was wrong.. and here is where I need your help!


I boot up - It starts up with the "Before you begin screen", telling me it doesn't know what my keyboard layout is. I follow the instructions to initialize the keyboard. I chose U.S as my layout (as I am a silly American..). Next screen says "Welcome".. I pick once again U.S. as my language. All seems well.. Now here's where I get stuck. I get to the "Do you already own a Mac?" prompt - I leave it at the default value (that is I don't have an existing Mac I wish to restore data from). It sits for a bit.. I see/hear my HD doing something.. mean while it gives me the colorful wheel waiting icon.. Then it starts back over from the beginning asking me to initialize my keyboard again! I go through the process once again, same result happens.


I cannot seem to get it to move on to create my account and such.. any ideas folks? Do I need to upgrade from an existing install with this release? I've tried to debug with boot -v, but it does not seem to be very helpful. I do not see any errors that would cause a complete stop..FYI once I'm in single user mode - my keyboard does work! I'm also able to do command q and shutdown the while it has the setup screens up, keyboard works - as does the mouse.


Thanks in advance for any advice you all have to offer, I hope I can get this sorted.. This is as close as I've gotten to getting osx86 up and running! Last time I attempted, I got that stupid waiting on root file system {censored}.. Found out later it was due to me having SATA drives (even though I wanted to install on USB External, installer didn't wanna boot).

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Very funny... (Honestly my first install I forgot about this - I completely reinstalled for the second time..)

But.. sorry to burst your bubble.. The machine hasn't been connected the network.. Still no go.

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Okay.. I'll try that and reinstall again ;)

I'm so darn close to getting the bugger working, haha!


This is an idea I had come to me after I got some needed sleep... I think this time I'm not going to bother installing the vanilla kernel, I'll use the patched one with the release instead.


Now a quick question - I'm sure google has the answers, but I'll ask because its on my mind as I am writing this post... Do I have to use a vanilla kernel if I'm using the efi patched bootloader (..does it just enable me to do so..)?

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*small bump*

Any ideas here - I think it is due to my USB keyboard and mouse. Does osx86 have problems with Trackball mice?

..and I can migrate to a PS/2 keyboard/mouse because my motherboard does not have PS/2 ports on it.

I get the same issues even when I don't have Ethernet enabled..

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