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Questions about Kalway on 680i chipsets


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I've been reading through a lot of threads. I have iATKOS.r3 X5.1 installed on 2 partions but get a kernel panic when updating to X5.2 with graphics update. After updating to X5.2 (Kalway combo) only, it won't even let me select the partition to boot from. It defaults to X5.1 partition so I can't even enter boot flags to see what is wrong.


I attempted to install Kalway X5.1 the first time around but disk utility hung when formating partitions. I then just attempted install by formatting with no partitions and the install hangs at "3 minutes remaining". It doesn't always hang at this time but it hangs during install so I went with iATKOS.r3.


I am thinking of trying the Kalway again to have consistency with the initial install and the update.


Does anyone know why the install hangs when time gets close to completion?

Should I just keep trying until it gets all the way through installation?


I'm trying to install on the system in my sig. Has anyone successfully installed Kalway using nVidia chipsets on both the MB and GPU? If you have, can you please point me to the right thread(s). I'm new to osX86 so I may ask a lot of questions for which the answers are obvious to the more experienced so please be patient and remember the only stupid question is the unasked one. I do research forums as much as I can but I may miss something in a 115 page thread.


I have used mac for about 10 years but have never gone beyond installing software and launching/using apps. Terminal is a whole new animal for me and can be confusing. At least working on osX86, I can always boot from WinXP and fix things from there if I screw something up or restore from another partition.

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