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Since OSX for intel uses EFI,I thought it might be informative to see how an OS is installed via EFI. To that end I searched for and found this article on installing Linux for the Itanium. I understand that to load on a PC,the darwin 10.4.3 bootloader must be used. I suspect that even a EFI machine will not be able to boot the restore disk and any PC installations will have to use the bios compatibility module and and the 10.4.3 bootloader to run.


This is the article on redhat.com regarding EFI



What I gather from this article is that EFI must have a driver for the file system that it needs to boot from. In this case,it must have a driver for the HFS filesystem that the restore disk seems to be in. It might be possible to boot into a EFI shell on a real mac (I understand that this much has been done by users trying to make XP run on a mac) and perhaps copy the drivers to a FAT 16 disk. (can the efi shell do this? Could we make an EFI loadable module that could do this if the shell by itself cannot? Perhaps a program could be written that could extract modules from an EFI bios image?) Im thinking that we could load the filesystem driver on a PC and then boot from the restore disk using the existing bootloader (or a patched version). Without the driver,Im thinking that we PC users may run into similar problems to what the Mac users have loading XP. On another note,solving one of the problems may lead to a solution to the other.

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