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bcm4311 compaq presario C304NR?


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I have compaq presario. it's a good laptop. i run ubuntu and vista . and i had no problem with wireless card.

in ubuntu linux . i use bcm43xx and it works perefectly . so my wireless card is built in and it's broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN . so again in ubuntu the wireless card is enabled by simply installing the bcm43xx which i must say it's done in a great way . they have an instuller for it and it's very easy. but that's not important the good thing is that it supports all bcm43xx.


now the problem. i have mac leopard kalyway installed on a partition of my HD . and it runs perfect .it's even faster than ubuntu . everything works great . even after i did the update to 1.5.2 . it's just great . the ethernet works great. so no problem. but when it comes to wireless . i grabed this enabler from here . and installed it . it was successful. and reboot . everything seems normal. but it is as if nothing was added there . i don't see any card recognized nor the airport utility finds a thing after scan.


so if there is anyone here who has any experience in fixing this i appreciate your help , more specifically i need some more information on what are the tricks and tips on how to install and or enable my Broadcom 802.11b/g 4311.


and sorry for this boring post :blink:

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