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[SOLVED] Need help after Leopard 10.5.2 Installation Succeeded


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Hello everybody :D , my first post here.


PS: Sorry, but I'm french. So, my english is not very well, scusi! :P And, all screenshots are ... in french, of course.


I need your help.

A few months agi, I have installed successfully JaS 10.4.8 Mac OSX X86 on my PC, with trial boot (XP on other disc, Vista on the same disc); but, after a crash disc, I didn't reinstall MAC OSX x86.

In the meantime, Leopard 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 were released.


So, recently, I decided to reinstall MAC OS X x86, with this DVD: Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 AMD EFI.

Install with success. No problem. But no boot.

My config:

Proco: AMD64 3000+ (2 Ghz - SSE2)

RAM: 1024 MB

MB: Asus K8V-X SE (Chipset VIA 8383)

Graphic Card: nVidia Geforce 6200 NX (256 MB)

Sound Card: Analog Devices ADI 1888

Storages : 2 DD (Maxtor) 80 GB


On the first disc I have 3 primary partitions

1 - Windows XP Pro SP2 (20 GB)

2 - Windows Vista (20 GB)

3 - an empty partition (perhaps, later I'll install a Gentoo Linux)


On the second disc, I have 3 partitions

- one primary partition, 20 GB, for MAC OSX create with diskpart, on XP, by this command:

create partition primary size=20000 id=af

- one extended partition, with 2 partitions for datas.


Here somme screenshots (on my XP)

PS: on my XP system I've installer MacDrive Mediafour; so, I can see, HFS+ volume.





Disk Manager:



Partition Magic



I have tested different methods, but noone work

- with Acronis = didn't work!

- with chain0 (in boot.ini) = didn't work!!

- with EasyBCD = didn't work!!!


For all methods tested, I have this message: "chain booting error"

I've searched on the Net, specially here:[Guide] The Fool-Proof Vista & XP / Mac OS X Dual-Boot Guide, Covers most associated problems including the HFS+ Partition Error but no help. ( I applied the manips on the last 2 parts of the tuto, but no changes!!)


If I look the MAC OSX parition with diskpart on XP I see that:


... but perhaps the reason is I've MacDrive installed on my system, 'cause Parition Magic see the partition identifier as AF (see screenshot below) and ptedit32 also:


BUT, BUT, during the installation, the DVD saw the partition create by diskpart as NTFS volume (I had to erase it with Disk Utility and rename it with HFS+ format).


I took a look here: Chain Booting Error

and I checked everything required:

- the the MD5 Checksum of my Chain0 file is OK

- the MAC OSX partition is OK: this is a primary partition

- the partition identifier is AF (see with Partition Magic + PTEDIT32 + checked with Diskpart on Vista - where MacDrive isn't installed)

- the partition is active

- but, I've checked my Mac OSX partition to find a valid boot sector: ""check wether your partition has a valid boot sector ... The last two bytes should read "AA55". Else, the boot sector of the partition won't be accepted by chain0."


I used EditHexa to do it, here is the results:



Compare with my XP partition:




If anybody have an idea to help me please ;) , you're welcome, 'cause I'm so lost in the dark now...


Thanks for your help :D

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ok looks like you know some basic commands in diskpart--


get to the part where you select the partition os x is installed to in diskpart


and then type "active" ( no quotes) and hit enter


reboot and you should get the darwin/x86 boot loader and just hit an jkey and select the os you want to boot and hit enter

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Hello nickll9009,


Thanks for your fats speed reply but this doent work!


As you see, on the diskpart ("active: oui" or in English, "active: yes" ) and disk manager ("Sain (Actif)" or in English "Clean (Active)" when you look Disque 1 (Disk 1) => MAC OSX) screenshots, my MAC OSX partition is already active.


I've forgot to precise in my first post all my commands typed in diskpart

That was:

create partition primary size=20000 id=af

then ENTER

and, just after the partition created was selected:


then ENTER


If you look EditHexa screenshots, you see that my MAC OSX partition has no bppt valid sector: it's the real problem I think.

Why there is no valid boot sector? What can I do to create it / or rebuild it - if it's possible??


But, thanks for you help! ;)

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I think I know why I Have the message "chain booting error" cause by this invalid boot sector on my MACOSX partition.


I have to "rewrite" the MBR, but I don't know how to do it? ;)

I don't want to reinstall all system: is there a way or a method to do that? by the terminal for example?


Thanks! :D

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Hello! :gun:


Finally works!


I've reinstalled MAC OSX with just one option for bootloader: EFI MBR v8 (before I've choosen the two options : EFI MBR and EFI GUID!! :D:smoke: it was a great error; perhaps i'm an a......? :) )



and it works fine and boot well with triple boot (XP / Vista / OSX) by adding c:\chain0="Mac OSX Leopard" in XP boot.ini file... and Vista bootmanager takes it very easily!!



Have just 2 error messages at boot about laptop-etc.kext and NVInject-etc.kext, but nothing important (easy to fix I think).


Now, I just need drivers for

- Ethernet Card (VIA Rhine II)

- Sound Card (Analog Devices ADI 1888)

- Printer (HP PSC 1350)


Perhaps USB devices are not recognized or not working (when I plug an USB Key, nothing happens, no volume is mounted)


Thanks a lot!

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has same trouble (with english & with booting):


my history: bought new harddrive some time ago, boot to Leo2all, in Disk tool made partition (30 Gb, AF), install MacOsX succ


then boot to Vista DVD, create partition 2, 140 Gb, NTFS, install Vista Home Prem


install EasyBcd, make dual-boot menu, all ok - both vista & Macosx loaded succ from vista's bootloader


BUT yesterday when i try to load Macosx i got error message "chain booting error"


I try to

- boot to Leo DVD with -s option, fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 , flag 1, update, write - EFFECT: after bios screen got blinking cursor, it's all

- boot to Leo DVD BUT dont press any within 8 sec and succ load Leopard; fdisk ... flag 2 ... - make partition with viats active... after reboot bootloader write "blah-blah error..." I reboot to Vista DVD and repair startup, vista now load succ

- with EasyBcd add Macos-entry to boot-menu, BUT after reboot and selecting "NST Mac OS X" got "chain booting error"


i'm very un-happy

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