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3Com 3C905


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ok well I just recently installed Leopard to my AMD computer(using Zephyroths 10.5.2 rev 1) and I am having some network issues, the motherboard built in lan is a nforce 430 chipset but I have no luck with that one at all, so now I was looking on the forums and noticed some other cards are definatly supported, and I looked aorund my old computers and what do you know, I found a 3com 3C905 and someone on these forums say it works native.(http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=258&) second post.


now I am very new to the mac operating system and have no clue where i would go to configure my settings and diagnose things, I have been messing around with things in: "Network Utility", "System preferences > Network". in the network utility it came without any locations but I was able to select DHCP, manual and some other things, so I tried manual with the following config:

IP: is my network and the 233 address I know is not used)

sub: class C...)

defualt: to router)

DNS: DNS server address i always use)


and thats it I click apply and it just resets and does nothing.


I tried to add a location and then I do not have the DHCP or manual options...


I have tried many drivers, forcedeth for the nforce 4, and skge, and some others but how would I know if it is working? I was watching the system.log and I think there would be info in there once the interface is up...


am I doing something wrong? these cards and dirvers should work...

I did chmod and chown the files, and then kextload them


also the lights are blinking showing activity...

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