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Help with dual booting iatkos and vista

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Well i installed iatkos on my second drive, which shows up as disk0 in leopard and disk1 in windows. So now i have windows vista on my first disk and on my second disk i installed leopard. Problem is, when i try to boot from the second disk with leopard, i dont see the darwin boot or anything actually. All i see is the blinking underscore so i have to reboot. My second drive is set to "3rd slave" in my bios because anything else i change the jumpers too doesnt work. So can somebody tell me why that disk with leopard wont boot? I kno wthere are files on ther ebecause on my windows vista drive, i partitioned the drive to install a 7gb leopard os on there and in this os i can see my other drive with all the leopard files. I can even open up applications from that drive. So my question is, why cant i boot from this drive but i can view files on it through leopard?

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The blinking underscore is the BIOS wanting to boot an inactive disk.

Book with your Leoperd DVD, press F8

At the Boot: prompt type -s to boot single user mode.

When you get to the prompt type:

fdisk -e /dev/rdisk1 (if osx is on your 2nd drive)

active 1 (if osx is on the first partition of the drive)






This will set the partition active for disk1s1, which is the second drive first partition.


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