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HOW TO: STAC9228 Tutorial


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Okay, This is my very first post, so please excuse me if I'm unclear or stepping on anyone's toes. I prefer reading posts to writing them, as any problem I've ever had has been bought up before by someone else. If you have questions after following this guide, please read through all other posts to try to find the solution before posting.

A HUGE thanks to TARUGA for his/her great work on this. There would seriously be NO solution if it weren't for all this hard work. These are the steps that I've followed to get my sound working...I hope they work for you as well. Here are my specs.


Apple Iatkos v.1.0i, 10.5.1 Leapard install

Dell Inspiron 1420

2 Gb RAM

250 GB HDD

Everything except TouchPad Scrolling and Tapping.


Okay...here's the steps to get it to work.



Software Needed:

1. STAC9228_0x83847616.zip, can be found HERE.

2. Kext Helper B7.zip (You can google this and find it very easily)



Steps to follow:

1. Open the Kext Helper B7 program (unzip it first)

2. Drag the two files from the STAC9228...zip file on to the open Kext Helper window.

3. Type in your password

4. Click the "Easy Install" button.

5. Open Disk Utility

6. Click on the osx partition

7. Repair Permissions

8. Reboot


After reboot you should have sound, Atleast I do. Here's the catch however. If you reboot again after that, your sound will not work anymore. Some posts report that you can set up a hot corner to sleep display and then just sleep the display before running any programs that require sound. This doesn't work for me at all. Infact, I'm stuck using my codec dump to get consistent sound out of my headphones. If someone knows a solution to this, then please post it (macgirl? Taruga?).

Until then, this is a big step for sound, and who knows, you may not have this problem. :unsure:


Please let me know if there's anything that can improve this topic. Hope this little guide helps.

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Theres another workaround which I saw somewhere in this forum ...just put a -f flag in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist


like this


<Key>Kernel Flag</Key>


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