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Asus R1F Install, 95% working


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I was a bit gung ho on this project as I had some time to kill and I always seem to learn better by doing than by figuring everything out first (plus, had I done that, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have even tried an install so far).


I used the iATKOS 1.0 install distro, and once I had figured that out, all except WiFi and sound were working. Eventually figured out that there was an installer for my sound card in the Apple HDA threads, so that sorted that. I know that the wireless isn't working because my wireless card isn't compatible so I pick up a replacement, either USB or on board. I've also got read/write set up for the Vista NTFS partition and my NTFS external HD.


I know I've not contributed until this point, so I guess this is to say thanks for the massive wealth of information that's on this forum, and I'm happy to answer any questions about how my R1F is running with Mac OSX Leopard.

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