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iPhone SDK seems to ruin OSX86 install

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installed the default SDK including CHUD, fixed permissions reboot - Success


My system:

Dell XPS M1330


iAtkos 5

sleep display workaround

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I need some help here, I run the Iphone SDK installation package but it fails just after I type my password required for begin the installation, it shows the message "Installation failed", help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Problem solved, I did install iphone_sdk_9a2151.dmg (you can find it in any torrent site) and everything seems to work fine, I didn't have to patch the file or replace Iphone SDK.mpkg inside the dmg, I have Kalyway 10.5.2 running on a Turion 64 X2 Laptop. Thank you anyway and keep sharing knowledge.

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The whole point of getting OSX86 running was so I could download the iPhone SDK and play around with that. When the install was finished, I got a new alert I've never seen...it put a transparent black overlay on the screen, with a power button in the background, and said to restart my machine by holding down the power button. Funny thing is, it repeated this message in various languages.


I figured it was just Mac's way of saying to restart after an intense install. So I restarted...now everytime it boots up, I get the same screen. So now I'm guessing something seriously bad happened. I have a feeling it's related to gcc, but it's just a guess.


Is there some kind of known issue, or a patch already that can fix this?


hmmm...downloaded the sdk today and every time it starts mounting the dmg, I get the same screen you are getting (but you get it later on in the process, I don't even get to start the actual install...)


the only problem with my install that I know of is the graphics card driver (865g, can only use 1024x768) - and possibly that my itunes is slightly outdated, though I don't think that would crash anything that early in the process.


ps: is it safe to update itunes?


I run the 10.5.6 xxx distribution.


EDIT: I now have an ATI2400 pro card that works well with all other apps. Everything except SDK installer seems stable. Hope I find a way around this crashing problem....apparently not graphics card related.... the only other thing I have to do is due to my P4 version, I have to put in a couple of parameters every time I boot (fsb=133000000 and one other one..). Still everything (besides sdk) works like a charm!


On a sidenote, installed iTunes latest version as well as some other updates. Except for not helping with the sdk installer problem, everything else works great.

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