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Migrating Leopard 10.5.2 from external to internal.


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OKay guys, after days of wrestling Leopard onto my 500gb Mybook on my Compaq F572us 1.7ghz Athlon X2 lappy, I finally succeded. But here's the scenerio:


~ Installed Zephryoth 10.5.2 on my MyBook.

~ Installer detects laptop's hdd, but wouldn't/won't mount it :^S'

~ DiskUtil will even FORMAT the internal HDD, but still won't mount... :censored2:


Any ideas???

Here's a screenshot of my efforts....




"sudo mount /dev/disk0s4 /mnt/Volumes/disk0s4"




"Incorrect super block."



Console simply says: "Could not mount disk0s4 with name after erase."

(Is there any way to change ther verbosity level in OSX...hah i forgot..)



Thanks in advanced you genuises, you :)

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For future reference....this is solved using the following:

Make sure you're on the desktop of your Windows installation.

Press WIN+R to open the Run prompt, then type DISKPART and press Enter.

Now we're going to use DISKPART to create a HFS+ compatible Mac partition that we can boot off.


Follow these next set of commands:


DISKPART> list disk

Will show you a list of selectable disks


DISKPART> select disk n

[where n = the disk number]

This will specify which disk to create a new partition on, assuming you have already used the XP Install Disc, Partition Magic or Windows Disk Management to set aside some unformatted space. If not, and the drive you want to install Mac OS X on is empty, just follow the instructions immediately below for creating a partition.


DISKPART> create partition primary size=n id=af

[where n = the size in MB of the partition, however if no size is specified then the remaining space of that drive is used]

[where af = hfs+ compatible]

Will proceed to create a bootable primary partition for the Mac


For example: create partition primary size=100000 id=af

This will create a 100GB partition for Mac OS X.


DISKPART> list partition

This will show you the partitions on your selected disk


DISKPART> select partition n

[where n = the newly created OSX partition]

This will specify the partition


DISKPART> active

Will make your OS X partition the first-boot active partition



Leaves DiskPart...




from here, respectively.

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