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Problem With my SATA HDD

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HI, im new in this forum. Sorry for my english. :(

well this is my problem.


I have a pc

- motherboard: intel SE7525GP2

- 2 processors intel 3200 ghz 64 bits with HT

- 2 gb RAM ECC REGISTERED 667 mhz

- geforce 8600 GT

- 2 hard disk SEAGATE SATA 200 GB each one.


i installed leopard kallyway and all is perfect but, my hard disks only have 128 gb of capacity.


my bios dont have AHCI options. then i configure in bios my SATA ports as PATA ports. when I set this ... leopard recognises my 2 hdd but 128 gb only per hd.

when I put my HDD in SATA mode ( RAID or NON RAID) leopard dont read my hdd


the chipset is ICH5R


i need help.



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Yeah i got the same problem, its really {censored}. I installed Kalyway on a 200gig maxtor hdd and when i go to xp it shows a massive 58 gig unpartitioned sector and 128gig Mac OS partition. I been digging around and haven't found any solutions yet :D

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I'm having the same bit of trouble. I did see there was some settings with SATA drives that need to be set in tuts for gigabyte mobo's (which im using) but I'm still trying to figure it out.

Post if someone finds a reason for this as the search feature seems to be down.

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