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Mac OSx 10.4.8 x86 AMD /Intel installer not seeing my SATA Hard drive


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Hi all,


Im new to mac OSx x86 and this maybe a simple thing to solve but it is driving me nuts.


I have just got a new Dell laptop which has a Toshiba Sata Hard Drive, I have been spending the last few hours trying to get my copy of JAS Mac OSx X86 Amd / intel 10.4.8 installed on to my laptop.


The think is once I boot up the dvd, darwin starts ok however when it comes to choose the location to install Mac OSx, it only seem to see the mac OSx dvd and my hard drive is no were to be seen.


I have tried formation the Hard drive as Fat32 even wiping totally, but nothing seem to allow the insatller to see the it. I have found stuff on getting Mac OSx to pick up a SATA hard drive once it has been installed but nothing about getting darwin to see the SATA hard drive and to allow me to install the OS on to my Sata drive.


Can someone help me out with a little advice? Is there a file I can edit or do anything to get the istaller to see my hard drive?

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