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Install/Boot problem?


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Ok everyone, I've been tring to get this install to work for over a month now with no success. The install works perfectly, but when I restart I'm getting a boot error: apple.Boot.plist not found. I've tried different versions of iatkos, Kalyway, messed around with the BIOS settings, researched many threads witll still no success. I've had Tiger installed on my computer before once before, but I just can't seem to get Leo installed. My motherboard is "supposed" to be compatiable right out of the box (Badaxe2). May be it is something very simple that I'm overlooking? Can anyone please help me. Thank you very much.


mobo: 975XBX2 (BadAxe2)

Processor: Intel E6300 Core Dual

DVD Burner: LITEon IDE DVD Burner

RAM: 2 (1gig strips of Corsiar DDR800)

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