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Rehide efi partition?


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I had two Leopard installs, one Tiger install and a Vista install all on separate hard drives.


I decided to try to get some kind of bootloader working since it was such a pain selecting boot drive in bios (on my P5b I use bbs pop up f8)


I tried just about all the known boot manager programs until I tried V-Com's System Commander.

System commander messed up all the OS X HD gpt partitions. I thought I lost all the OS X installs.


The latest version of testdisk allows for partition recovery of gpt and efi partitions.

Testdisk worked beautifully and recovered all the partitions-all the OS X installs are now working with one problem.

All of the efi partitions on these hard drives are now visible. The efi partitions now show up as drives on my desktop in both OS X and in Vista.


I know I can use fstab to not mount the partitions but I'd rather just change the efi partitions attributes back to hidden.


Doe anyone know a good way to do this?

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Its a partition flag. load gparted and right click flags and check hidden. Done.


I downloaded the newest live gparted cd and changed the flag to hidden... then rebooted and it wouldnt boot. Reinstalled PC_EFI to regain booting. So that did not work ;\


Should point out this IS a GPT partition!


EDIT: Set the Flag to Boot not Hidden and that works :)

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