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Has anyone ACTUALLY a working multi i/o fw interface?

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pcmcia cards dont have firewire bus power... sorry but it it wont work... I was looing into this too. The 6-pin socket is just for cable compatabilty.. totoally retarded when you can just buy a new cable for less than a pcmcia card. You may be able to find out how much power a firewire port uses, and frankenstien something to source power to it... which i was considering. but might be dangerous!

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My RME FIREFACE 400 work flawlessly on my badaxe2 with 10.5.2 installed


i have a fireface 800 with a badaxe 2 as well on iPC installation 10.5.6 with about 128 samples at 44.1khz in ableton live


would you be able to document your setup, and latencies in ableton if you happen to be using it? im thinking of buying something else to get lower latency, but not sure what is working best in leopard.

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I have working on my system:


- Audiofire 8 + Audiofire 12 at the same time like individual cards or even as an Aggregated Device...

- mBox mini


Running 10.5.2 or 10.6.1

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