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Fully Compatible System...yet Kext Problems..

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I have an Intel DQ965GF board, Penitum 915 D, 2gb PC2 RAM, using onboard video and audio. Install to a SATA Seagate. DVD drive on IDE.Kalyway and Brazil installs load Darwin and hang at initial gray screen.In verbose, it shows that the acpi and pciconfigurator kexts have dependency errors. Using vanilla kernal on kalyway, acpi error is gone but it still hangs at PCIConfigurator immediate dependency error.This doesn't even let me get to the initial drive utility. I'm fairly computer savvy, and I can do just about anything in Windows, C++, DOS, Basic (i'm dating myself here), LOGO, and a number of others. I just never took the time to learn Linux/Unix/Mac well, which is why I'd like to do this install.What's up with this PCI error and what do I need to make this install?Thanks.I should also note that the BIOS settings appear to be correct from what I've read.

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