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HELLO! My name KELSEY, i like X SO! use on conpting device i enjoy! oress button + calclets happen! miracle li:censored2:ke this occur in nothing, it good. happen incredible, i put in disc, i type in


"X SO INTALL PLZ 01111001011011110111010101110110011001010010000001100100011010010111001101100011





it wrk like grape. happen quick! 4 and two halves of the sm our. lighting! credinble. you prwess threw insatll, boot outto this, u get...


KLOOK! FIRST PERSON EVAR 2 DO THIS! heavand bound foshr!


so i eye aroun. lok good, lok rel good. lik i use X SO on max! jst lik! so prss of corse my limts i do. i lik mi dog, Rolly. he nice. he brk at the kats ov yonder n get rid! so i instll sme way, oney i us FUN driev. FUN driev runs fst! vvroom! portble in 3'5" drievs lik mustng.


KLOOK! FIRST PERSON EVAR 2 DO THIS L2!!!!!! c u n heavand if u r!


so lafffing , i wondr. when mac when i officly won teh day? u dink aple will taek worm in? you think can work? i send ledder. it good. c i post, i said:

To Steph,

I leik X SO! so i instll n mi cmputer. it wrk. then i install in mi dog, Rolly, who brks @ kats ov yonder to hid ways. i lek it. it nice! jst thght i tell u Steph. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act..._post&f=136


PS::::::: apple go no more n0w that this is done. first person evar 2 do this wen u no! it like limes this that u gow brn! :-((

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