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Eclipse vs NetBeans


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  1. 1. Eclipse or NetBeans?

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+1 for NetBeans.


The GUI builder is nice, and like Bofors said, Eclipse is buggy on OS X. It seems to freeze a lot for me, and I'm on a genuine MBP. :D

I've been getting into Ruby lately; NetBeans has better integrated Ruby support. There's a Ruby plugin for Eclipse but it's a bit lacking.

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Eclipse, although I must admit I haven't used Netbeans for years and then it wasn't much. Eclipse just has such useful refactoring support and facility for code navigation and by now I know most of the shortcuts for 'em. Also, the JUnit support is near perfect (except name completion doesn't work for unresolved symbols defined in static imports) and the team stuff is ok.


That said, it's unbelievably slow sometimes. You should see it on my PIII box in work... took about two minutes to open the Update Manager dialogue, which just asks if you want to update existing stuff or search for new packages.

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