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What is the effective iPhone unlock method ?

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hi im currently choosing whether to get an iphone or not but i don't like th an e tarrifs at da moment what is the easiest way to unlock an iphone to y sim card? BTW, I live in UK.


There are seems a lot of approachs spreading on the net, also with tons of complaints ties to them.


After a simple search, I found below:


1. ZiPhone v2.5claimed to be the most simple way, including 1.1.4 firmware

2. some video clip at Youtube, fellowed by tons of troubles in its comnments


3. Software 1.1.2/1.1.3 jailbreak, sounds good, but the so-many steps scare me

4. Also 1.1.2/1.1.3 jailbreak but need hardware application developed by hack team, no comments found

If I buy ipone now, pobally I will get an 1.1.4 firmware. Is anyone successfully unlock iphone with one of this means of other? Please let me informed. Thanks

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Don't use ZiPhone it will mess up your bootloader. Use iPwnage if you have a Mac, if you are on Windows use iLiberty. In either case, I suggest you look at the modmyifone.com forums if you are interested in the iPhone. They are the best source for up to date information on the iPhone hacking scene.

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