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Ati X1950 stopping me booting up after fresh install

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Kalyway 10.5.1

Asrock ConroeXfire esata2

1 gig ram

Core 2 DuoE6600

IDE hdd (master) and IDE benq DVD (slave)

ATI X1950 Pro 256mb Power color

OK, so I have installed successfully OSX onto the HDD, selecting all the vanilla options, the ATI 19x0 kexts and the mbr efi.


It boots into OSX, shows the apple, and then a grey screen asking me to reboot my computer by pressing the power button.


I have tried with and without the ATI 19x0 injects but I still fail with something similar to the following:


Kernal Panic com.Apple.atiradeonX1000(5.1.8) or com.appleatiradeonX19x0


I can't get past this 1st screen, and this is after a fresh install, so there is no user setup or anything. I am unsure how to get past this, as I am not sure how to copy kexts in when nothing is mapped (I have a sata XP drive available set as C:) and there is also no user setup because I havent got past this point.


Someone please help!



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