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Is there any good software?

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Hey All,


Do you people know any software which can rip DVD movies into computers? Actually I want to store it in my system, but normally DVD movies are large files and it takes huge space. So if you people know any DVD ripper software please let me know.


Thanks for your help in advance!

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Handbrake. It'll convert it straight off the DVD, saving you the extra step of ripping using MacTheRipper, and it has a load of profiles for all the popular MPEG-4 video devices out there. Going to a non-standard profile like constant quality or film will provide great movie compression at very little loss.

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:D I wonder why and how people over here forget these gems: :D


a] Handbrake (they did mention... but about a year back)

b] MacTheRipper

c] VisualHub


I think these do the trick... flawlessly


Additionally, VisualHub uses the XGrid module of OS X... and there by uses multiple cores as well as multi-threading

for converting media files.


I have tried VisualHub and it really works awesome! -_-


It evens stitches together the input files... gives tons of options like:

from x frame to y frame.

from time to time

other adjustments like audio, video, interlacing... etc. tons of stuff.


i dunno how this great software wasn't spoken about, in this thread. :unsure:


I hope those trying, should give it a shot... :)




Thanks & Regards,


Freaky Chokra. :angel:

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