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MacBook Pro Clean Install of Vista w/no bootcamp.

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MacBook Pro Clean Install of Vista w/no bootcamp.




MacBook Pro 17"

T2600 @ 2.16GHz 2.17GHz

2032 MB

ATI Mobility Radeon X1600



I have read a ton of different thread's about this subject but every single one is based on bootcamp and a dual boot with apple & windows.


That is not what I am doing nor what I want . I want a perfectly normel install on a freshly formatted Drive.



I did this and it did work except ::::::::::



there are drivers that arnt being recognized and there is keymapping and bluetooth problem.




I used :


Inputremapper_1_0_04_release - this fixed all the key mapping, fan control , screen lightening,and sound control.


I then manually installed the iSight Driver which semed to work.






My roadblocks :


Driver for :




Human Interface Device


performance counters






I have "Install macintosh drivers for windows .exe" but it really didnt do much that wasnt already done:)


What are some other easy to use driver's I can install :



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That is a good link , thank you. It doesnt solve all the issue's involved though. I have the Laptop listed above and wiped the HD and am installing vista clean with no bootloader or bootcamp. Has anyone crossed this bridge yet? Vista loaded easily enough but I had to use the item's I listed above for the Mac specific options. What I need is the driver's for the unknown device's.

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I appreciate the Response. I have OS X Tiger on another Mac so I have a disk at least.


Is there a download site for them that anyone know's about for those driver's? I dont know if they are protected or anything. A couple of device's are unknown which make's it fun for the whole family.


I have been searching for a thread covering the complete thing but havent had any success yet.

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1 . I found "Install macintosh drivers for window's xp.exe" and use "inputRemapper 1_0_04" which take's care of the fan and backlight isssue's.




2. Unfortunitly 3 driver's are still missing & the bluetooth show's but doesnt function.






I found this old post and it show's exactly what I am seeing on my end but doesnt show a solution . I sent a email to the blogger and am waiting for a response.












Anyone know anything here I dont?




I installed Window's XP (upgrade) by inserting the disk into the MacBookPro and though I was unable to eject the disk when XP asked to validate a older full version of window's I plugged in a external (USB) DVD/CDRW with my Win 98 disk in it and voila it installed.






No BootCamp.

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I'm trying to do the same thing (install clean Vista on MacbookPro). My model has an nVidia 8600M GT.


I partitioned/formatted the HD for use with Vista, installed Vista Ultimate w/SP1 (off MSDN download), and am able to boot no problems. I installed the AirPort driver off the Leopard disk, but I cannot seem to get any luck with video.


I tried the nVidia driver that is on the Leopard disk, but it refuses to install. It gets about halfway through the process, hangs for a bit, then says "Your system was not modified."


I tried a number of driver packages (different versions) from laptopvideo2go. These install, but consistently blue screen on reboot.


Does anyone have any help on this one? It's all pretty useless without a proper video driver.

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