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Will i be able to install osx86 on these specs?


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Hi, i was just wondering if i will able to install OSX86 on my hp pavilion media center desktop


the specs:


Processor: Intel pentium D processor 940 dual core, 2 x 3.20 ghz level 2 chace 2x2mb 800mhz. Intel 945p express chipset


Memory: 4GB DDR


Storage: 1 x 250 GB maxtor sata, 1 x 200 western digital sata


Video: geforce 7600GS 512MB


Sound: Intel HD audio 7.1 (realtek)


thanks for the help :D

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945 chipsets are usually very compatible

sata drives are best in terms of compatbility.

7600gs is very compatible

and most realtek cards are compatible.. until you give me a motherboard model i cannot be more specific.

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thanks for the reply


here are the specs for my motherboard:


Handle 0x0000, DMI type 0, 24 bytes

BIOS Information

Vendor: Phoenix Technologies, LTD

Version: 3.19

Release Date: 12/08/2006

Runtime Size: 128 kB

ROM Size: 512 kB


ISA is supported

PCI is supported

PNP is supported

APM is supported

BIOS is upgradeable

BIOS shadowing is allowed

Boot from CD is supported

Selectable boot is supported

BIOS ROM is socketed

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lol that doesnt help. Open the case and look for a model on the pcb. Alternatively, if ur chicken, you can type "Motherboard of XXX" XXX=whatever computer you have. I assume you have a brand computer. I havent owned one of them in forever. Or you can just tell us what kind of computer u have.. and we can see if there are people who have gotten this to work, that is, unless u know how to use the search bar.

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