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Awful Harddrive Speed

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Kalyway installation that works great with one big issue. Reading big files from harddrive is a pain. Copy from DVD to HDD takes ages (4Gb takes 40min. Unpack something to the same harddrive is awful (4Gb takes 30min). Installation of programs take insane amout of time. Is this something that can be fixed or do we have to live with it since its "hackintosh"?


CPU: Intel QuadCore

MB: Gigabyte X38-QD6

HDD: Segate SATA


Thanks in advance

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Check the console.app for messages. It sounds like the SATA controller isn't being recognized, and it's reverting to a slow speed transfer. I'm afraid the only thing I can do is suggest you search the forums, suggest noting the problem with the motherboard in the hardware compatibility lists, and bump this thread.


I had this issue on an old laptop.

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Mister_doodi: That was almost spot-on.


Xbench results:


Sequential Read/Write: 2.5MB/sec

Random Read/Write: 2.5MB/sec


Edit: Changed to another SATA port on the motherboard and now the speed is what Im used to, thanks for leading me to Xbench to see the resluts with my own eyes ;)

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