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Error Loaidng Operating System


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hey guys i was finally able to get iAtkos installed on my machine but everytime im booting i get this message:


"error loading operating system"


any ideas as to what might be causing this.


my config:


Intel 865gbf


512 ram

nvidia fx5200


i previously had a wrking tiger installation of JaS


thank u

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thank u for the reply i dont know how but i somehow have got around that hurdle to bump into another 1 :blink:


during the customization screen of the installations i do not have the option of Intel sse2/sse3 under kernels and if i choose anything or nothing i either end up in a reboot cycle or boot freeze.


1. do i need intel sse2/sse3?

2. from where cani get them?

3. how to integrate them in the setup?


id be grateful if some 1 could help me out


these are the options i have in the customization screed:



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