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10.5.2 / Leopard graphics updated. GT8800 now what?


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i clean install 10.5.1 with kalyway's dvd (w/o selecting any video driver) and updated to 10.5.2 and all other updates through software update but i sill can't get my my 8800 GT 512mb to work... i'm stuck with 1024x768 in the display pref, I tried changing dvi port already...


A) Kalyway is not a "clean" install, it's already hacked to bits...

B) Did you remember to get NVinject?

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I have my res set to 1620x1080 and millions of colors, but the quicksilver window when it closes still looks laggy.....


Im using 10.5.2 + NVidiaInject + nvidia 10.5.2 kexts...


Can you switch it to 800x600 for example without any freeze?

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in case you guys are using osX86 utilitzing the efi, you definately should go and get a valid efi-gfxstring up and running for your ati/nvidia/gma-vga.




--- quoted ---


But why use "pluggable strings" anyway? (more critique needed)

Current graphics injectors don't support all cards. For instance, nVidia's 8'th generation cards aren't supported by all injectors. This is so because initially, mac os didn't have drivers for these cards. But now, the 10.5.2 update has the drivers for these cards. Still, not all injectors support them.


Now, there are two options:

1- Wait for new versions of these injectors (bad idea).

2- Do what these injectors do ourselves using "pluggable strings"


The second approach has some advantages:

1- No need to wait.

2- Get rid of additional 3rd part kexts.

3- Get a more real-mac-like PC!


--- quoted ---


a gould place to start learning about efi and osX is of course http://netkas.org in general but here are some selected threads which hopefully lightens things up to you a bit. i won't do the work for you! all of this efi-stuff might sound confusing to you at the beginning but go ahead, read about it, try it out, read more, try more and you'll get it to work by yourself.


start with this:



continue here:




oh, and...


http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=81294 - sorry macgirl ;)


eventually end up with:

all you need to do for the future is to make sure that your device+vendor-ID is listed within apples-kext.plist you've created/found your efi-gfxstring for. apple most likely won't do that for us but that's about it... no more inject-depending-things anymore.

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