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Put here funny video about animals...


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here´s mine... rabbit vs. snake



oh, i forgot this one. the bunny letter opener:



Wow! The rabbit is my favorite animal - I remember when I was ten or twelve maybe, I saw a man sell a rabbit... It was so pretty and cute that I wanted to buy it, but mum said me "no" :|

From that time I started to collect them - rabbits-toys, rabbits-sweets and other things... But my dream was an alive rabbit.

When I grew up and started living separately, I decided to come my dream true... Like in "Groundhog Day" - Again I saw a "savage seller" who sells rabbits and I bought a white tiny rabbit... I was in the seventh heaven... BUT!! I don't believe each happy story has the end but mine has...


The man seemed to be a swindler. He sold me the rabbit of 1-month year - it's forbidden. I didn't know about it.. The rabbit couldn't survive without his mum... I could do nothing.


I just want to advise you never trust any men from the street - buy everything in a special shops.

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