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Good USB wifi for EFI stock kernel

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Pardon what might be a silly question - I'm new here.


If I'm running the EFI kernel, any native kext should work, right?


So for example, I could use any ol' hardware that supports Mac OS X, yeah?


In particular, I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Asus WL-167G - looks like it has decent reviews and is cheap:



As an extra plus, it works on mac, windows, and linux, so I should be able to run it on just about any computer that needs a wifi connection...


Am I right? Thoughts? Advice?




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Welp, didn't try that model, but I found a Hawking Technology HWUG1A at a local store. I'm running Leopard EFI, and the cdrom's installed drivers (which asked if I wanted 10.3 or 10.4) worked just fine with the Tiger drivers. :-) Hardest part was finding the damn thing, which of course the morons at $local_box_store decided should be neither in the apple section or in the usb wifi section. Grr...


Will any hardware that is supported for intel macs on leopard work on the EFI kernel?

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