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So confused.... Will this setup work?


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Hello everyone,


I was first introduced to osx86 a year or so ago. I thought it was cool, but never really thought about it. I've been doing some video editing recently and realized how much better a Mac is for video editing. Unfortunatley, I do not have the money to buy a Mac. I do have a custom PC that I built a year or two ago that I would be willing to test with.


Here are the specs:

Intel Celeron D 346 Socket 775 3.06 ghz @ 3.46 ghz

A really cheap ecs elitegroup motherboard (Details on Mobo

1gb Patriot Ram

160gb IDE Hard Drive

40gb IDE Hard Drive

Cheapo CD-rom Drive

Sony DVD-RW Drive

ATI All-In-Wonder AGP Video Card (TV Tuner + Radeon 7000 combined)

PCI Firewire card

Integrated NIC

Integrated Audio


Here's what I want to know before I proceed.


What would be the best build for me to use?

Leopard or Tiger?

Which version?

Which disc?


I have been reading on the internet for hours on end and all it's done is confuse me more...


I really appreciate any help.


Thanks in advance,


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