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a perfect installation on GA-P35-DS3L

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OK first of all thanks to all the distributors that patched the softwares and second of all thanks to insanelyMac for giving us a opportunity to have what we are not suppose to (running osx on pc) and to all the helpers on these boards.



here are my pc specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33 GHz

Motherboard: GA-P35-DS3L

Graphics card: eVGA GeForce 8600GT

Ram: 2GB

USB Keyboard and mouse




i manage to install kalyway 10.5.1 100% on my pc with great speed and all the drives work like a real mac.


what i actually did was install the kalyway after hours of trying over and over i finally got the OS installation, but it ran very slow so i went to the bios and changed the HDD compatibility to ACPH or something similar, that solved the slowness. What i was left with was no sound and my video card wouldn't work so i installed NVInstallerV.31 which took care of the problem, and as for my sound card, i had to install alc888 with appleHDApatcher. i was on my way to success but i ran into another problem, the sleep mode and printer software. well after few updates from apple software update know my sleep works like charm. so all i'm left with is the printer softwares.


so know i have ilife 08 retail DVD installed as well as Microsoft office 08 for Mac. both works flawlessly.


here i am with a perfect Mac Pro like PC running OSX leopard without spending $2600+ on something i can make myself.


for most of you who have the sleep and shut down problem try to update your softwares through apple update which gonna solve the sleep issue and as for shut down, go to your bios and turn on the 4 second shut down option on.





well hope any of my information helps you folks out. if any questions i will try my best to solve it for you, so hit me up with a reply or PM

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