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ASRock Dual-Sata2


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yes you should be able to run it. no you shouldn't have to worry about ULI chipset compatibility because the dual-sata2 uses a via chipset pt880 pro/ultra.


i've installed it on my sata2 board, using kalyway 10.5.1 patched with thestevo4.0 patch. I'd reccomend using a sata HD as udma doesn't function yet on the ide channels so u get pretty slow transfer speeds with an ide drive. sata works perfectly. sound works out of the box. network works, but sometimes drops out for some ppl. myself included until i lowered my mtu's to 1000.




follow the directions in that thread after you download kalyway and thestevo 4.0 patch. both found in a place named something similar to the buccaneer inlet.

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