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Will the Asrock 915GL recognize an 8800GT?

Templeton Peck

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Just installed the card. It works great. FYI, the reason for concern was that the ASROCK board only has 4x PCIe, but is supposedly compatible with 16x cards. Owners of other ASROCK boards (and even other manufacturers) have had problems ranging from total incompatibility to stability and other issues. In some cases, flashing the card to work in a legacy PCIe mode solved the problems; in other cases, people's issues went unresolved. Further adding to my concern was the fact that ASROCK didn't have any 8 series GeForce cards in their VGA compatibility list for my board. I conjectured that the list simply hasn't been updated, and it turns out that's the case.


So, it works. I just played Crysis maxed out (in windows), and it looks phenominal. So I'm going to replace the kexts from 10.5.2 (since I can't get into the GUI without them), but once that's done, I should be good to go. So anyhoo, for anyone wondering if the 8800GT is compatible with this motherboard, it is.


UPDATE: I used nvinstaller in OS X (After backing up the relevant kexts and OGL framework, so I can restore everything before running the official 10.5.2 update). Everything works like a champ.

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