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Does anybody know if Nikon D40 has the same long life battery as D80?

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Yesterday I asked in related threads about life battery of Nikon D40, but I received no reply. maybe if I create a new one...


It's really important info for me to know. I'll explain why. I have Olympus, but it cracked and I'm going to buy a new camera. The only thing I irritate in Olympus is very short life battery - 1-2 hours and that's it. I heard that Nikon80 is absolutely different is this way. But I prefer to buy Nikon40 and the lens with alternative price. But I haven't heard anything about his life battery. Does anybody know if Nikon D40 has the same long life battery as D80? Glad if you know it!

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I am unsure about the battery life, because the Nikon D40 uses an ENEL-9 battery, whereas the Nikon D80 uses the ENEL-3E battery, that is the same as the D200/D300.


As quoted by Nikon, the battery life on the stock D40 (not the D40x model) is 470 shots, which is for high quality JPEG, whereas the figures for the D80 are somewhere in the region of 600.


So, going by that, if you are after a D40x, then I would hazard a guess, that given the higher sensor rating, and not in controlled usage conditions that you would be looking at somewhere between 350 - 400 JPEG.


I hope that this is some help.


EDIT: If you are going for a Nikon, then why not go for the D80, as these can be bought for not too much more than the D40x, and the D80 has a lot more to it. 11 area sensor, whereas the D40x has three.

Also the other big thing is that the D80 has an extendable grip, with vertical controls and space for another battery on there as well.

The main point to realise, though is that the D40/40x is a very small camera, and it has an uncomfortable shape for anyone with bigger than average hands. The D80 is a very good machine, and in my opinion, is a good camera to grow in to, whereas the D40 could leave you very disappointed with what it actually is able to do.

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If you're going for a Nikon, I'd suggest NOT getting the D40, but rather get the D40x or the D80. I have the D40, and get really great battery life out of it, but it doesn't have auto-bracketing, which is really annoying when it comes to HDR.

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This response is useless, so stop reading.



I have the D40X and selling it to buy the D300.




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I'd get D60 over D40x- Nikon is phasing out D40x in favour of the 60 as they're basically the same camera. D40 is't a BAD camera per se, but 6MP is a bit low for big enlargements of lots of cropping. If you're not planning on doing prints over 11x14 or so, 6MP is plenty. Battery life on D80 will probably be a bit lower than D40, but not by much.

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