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Succesfull AMD Leopard Install ( Only have some app crash issues)


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Hello There ,


My Destop :

Processor : Amd Athlon 64 4000+

MotherBoard : DFI LP NF4 Series

Memory : 1 GB DDR

Video card : Geforce 6200


Here's the deal, I installed the zephyroth AMD Dvd without a problem , it boots in fine.

The first weird thing I saw was that I didn't have a transperent taskbar, but was no biggie since I was happy that I was finally able to boot leopard and with working AUDIO and INTERNET.


I started playin around and I noticed safari crashing frequently on websites, the next I did was install mac msn, where the whole mac msn just hangs when u sign in. I installed the leopard updates , well that was a bad idea cuz everytime I booted I got the beachball spinning and spinnin not comin to a stop.


Anyways I installed the whole thing over again and my problem now is just like before that apps keep crashing.

I installed

-iwork, it crashes,

-I installed mac office 2008 it also crashes.

-updated itunes to 7.6 , it opens and when I press play it also crashes.


Does ANYONE know why all these programs keep CRASHING :),


I've tried so many times to install mac osx but it always failed, now I got it working and apps keep crashing .

So the cycle continues. I hope anyone can clear this out for me.


Thnx in advance.

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