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Need help to install tiger on my laptop


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i'm new here, I would like to install tiger or leopard on my laptop !

I have a AMD Turion MK-38 2.2ghz

120gb hard drive

ATI radeon x1300

My laptop is a acer aspire 5102 A WLMI


Can someone give me step by step guide plz !


thanks in advance


Hope to have help because i would really like o see this os on my laptop !





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Firstly we need to know whether you have SSE2 or SSE3... Personally i would go with Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.8 JaS since there are more fixes and patches you can get...

There are still some problems with Leopard and installation...


Also it depends if you want to install it natively (direct at bootup) or via a program such as VMware...


Here are some guides i have found


VMware : http://asendure.wordpress.com/2006/10/01/o...-server-amd-64/

Native : still finding... sorry.. update if i find anything


How much RAM do you have ?


(PS. For more installation guides try searching the forum or internet, can help a lot, sorry i can't help with a complete guide.. need an expert for that, lol)

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Well.. its your choice.. VMware (program costs however can get torrent) or Native

By the way Native is reported to be much faster however it is at the cost of system instability (if done properly this will work VERY well)


You certainly have enough RAM so that's good... (2GB is enough... however the more the better!)


The fact it is SSE2 and SSE3 is great since it means there aren't any instruction problemos and you can install Leopard or Tiger

There are also different versions such as "Tubgirl AMD 10.4.10 SSE3" which is also good and specialises in AMD computers which is beneficial for you.


I would ask help on installation for AMD (I personally have a PC so i don't know too much about AMD and how to install. ask the experts is what i would say however i can guide the basics)

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