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ANY success getting tv out?


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Hi all.


Well I'm trying to get TV out going, in any capacity.

Have an Asus 7300GS.


I can get the TV Out going only without any titan, natit or nvinject installed.

But QI- software only, CE not working, so slow


There are 2 dvi to composite cables from Apple Store.


Has anyone tried them?

Damn, it's driving me nuts!

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from what I've read, those adapters don't work unless the card was specifically made to use them.


here's a couple links to similar adapters, with plenty of reports of them not working...





But for $3 it might be worth trying....


If your tv has component input, you'll have a much higher chance of something like this working:


since VGA/DVI signals are RGB to begin with.


I'm not sure about the driver problems, maybe someone in the nvinject thread would know why it doesn't work..


Good luck!

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Oh, that is so annoying!

I have been pasting in various NVCap settings for days.


The VGA-RGB component cable is only $13 on ebay, grrr!

I can even get one with gold tips at Jaycar for $20!

Gold I tell you!


Aqua-mac, thanks for the link.

It was actually really informative.


inedible, it seems common sense now prevails.

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Actually, as it turns out none of that works.


Can't directly feed rgb from vga as it's only 3 cables and there's no sync information, the computer sees it's there but can't work out what to do with it.


None of the NVCaps seem to work either.

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picture quality is excellent

noise-wise I can't hear it above my cpu or case fans, lol

they make some like this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814131055

that use quieter and more efficient cooling


you could also go for a HD2600XT like this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814127298

it has silent cooling so noise wouldn't be a problem. Again picture quality is superb plus it has hdmi adapter

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