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OS X freezes

Ludvig M

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I have installed JaS 10.4.8 Mac OS X disk.

Installation went fine, and it was no problem to boot.

But when I'm in Mac OS X and leave the computer for like 5 minutes or longer, it freezes.

If i try to launch Safari, it just jumps up and down, and then the little colour circle shows up and just spinning and spinning.

And after that i have to reboot OS X.

Do anyone know how to solve the problem or got some tip that could solve the problem?


Sorry for my bad english.



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you should be long enough around to know that noone will answer

except you post some information about your hardware.

luckily you posted some screenshot, and the magic is just to add

boot with "cpus=1"-- second core is not supported with amd,

dont ask me why i hope anyone who knows why will read this and

post at least where to look..

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you can check in "utilies/activity monitor" if both cores

are running. two graphs=two cores.

if i can trust the pdf manual for your mainboard (see p.28)

you can check it in the bios, the "advanced" tab.

so is your system completely stable now? e.g. if you move

a big file (say a 4gb iso) around? aah, besides, do you

have osx insalled on sata? because with my computer it

was just sata that was instable :)



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I have install OS X on an IDE disk. I will try to move a 4GB iso file. Here's a screenshot of my Activity Monitor: Link


Edit: When I tried to move a big iso file, it failed. So my system is nearly completely stable :blowup:

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are you sure that your system will crash only when moving

big files? with my system (x2 4400, 2gb, msi k9vgm-v,

7600gs, 500gb s-ata, lg s-ata dvd, tried tiger 10.4.8, 9, 10, 11

and leo 10.5.1 now) it was crashing every one and then,

usually within 1-2 hours. not nice, you cannot really work with it.

as said i was unable to track down what exactly to do to get

it stable. also i was unable to get anyone explicetly telling me

that amdx2 can work stably with sata and two cores enabled :angel:

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no its more like in stresssituations where osx crashes.

i am just now trying cpus=2 again and it is stable up to

the point where i say start up photoshop, lightroom

at the same time while i just remember, hey, i need to

copy these 1gb from my memorycard to my harddisk.

and, just to make sure, i sometimes have that feeling

that even 2-3 seconds of stress crashes the system.

and i find that very distressing.

btw, can you look up your multiplier for me? thanks!

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the multiplier informations should be two lines below the "maxium" line,

according to the manual it should read "processor multiplier".

can you re-lookup, please?

frontrow does run, if your hackintosh-dvd doesnt have it, you can find

the frontrow package floating around (i think i am not entitled to

post any links..) i didnt really used it, but i think it works fine as on a real mac.

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Ok dasepsilon. I need help with one last question, it has nothing to do with topic, but anyway. How can i change "About This Mac"? Now it says "Processor: 3.01 GHz Athlon". I want to change that to "3.01 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+" or something like that.

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