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Kalyway and GUID


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I am on a Aspire 7720G with 2 HDD's in it. On the first there is the recovery partition and Vista.

On the second I installed both Kalyway and iATKOS on MBR partition table. Now I want to try GUID.

So I erased the second HDD with all zeros and partitioned it as GUID. I installed Kalyway with Boot_GUID selected.

Installation went fine but the machine refuses to boot of the second HDD. When I select the second HDD in boot selection menu

I see the cursor in the top left for a few seconds and then the machine boots into Vista without going through the POST again

so it's not a reboot of the machine.


Can someone help me on this?

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It means your second HDD is not flagged active, and you need to bless it! you can use gparted or pc_efi_v80 to get it bootable and search for the "bless" sequence






Hi Sticman, thanks for the reply. Wich partition should be active? Is it the EFI partition (the first one) or the partition with the Leopard installation on it?

Where can I find the bless sequence?



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