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Got Leopard installed on my Dell D620 :o)


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Just to let anyone else using a Dell D620 know, I got Leopard installed using Kalyway disk, partition mbr and use EFI-mbr patch. Other than that didnt really select anything as they didnt apply. Graphics (Intel on board) working well, no networking yet tho. The WLAN is Intel, so have to see if there's a fix for that. I did have an old Broadcom WLAN card but cant find it :rolleyes: I know they work.

I guess wired would do, but I think that's Intel too - I'll have to double check...It might be a Broadcom 57xx. Hopefully.


But I went thru loads of times, trying loads of options, and finally, mbr partitioning with EFI_mbr is the only way that's worked.



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