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Kernel panic NVDAresman.kext and Geforce.kext on normal boot.


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I'm using the AMD install from PB (ToH)

Forcedeth nforce4 lan driver for internet (ethernet)

and the NVinstaller V.31 for my 8600 GT

The rest runs out off the box.


Ok heres my problem: I want a high resolution because my Nvidia 8600 GT 256 MB ram supports 1280 x1024.


The whole story:


Because my sound card wasn't working I bought an Imic from Griffin Tech.

At first it wouldn't work.

But now it does work, but it is only regongnized when I'm connected to the internet.

And it's odd, but internet doesn't work if I'm in safe-mode.

I also don't have sound when I'm in safe-mode because the lack of Internet


Here comes the tricky part :) :


When I want to boot into normal mode (without -x) I get a kernel panic of NVDAresman.kext and GeForce.kext.

It wouldn't get past de kernel panic.

Only when I remove those two kexts from /Extensions I can boot normally without the kernel panic, but only in the 1024x786 resolution.

But when i'm in safemode it sees that I'm using a 256MB card and i can choose between 1280x1024 and 1024x1280 (and some other resolutions too).


so how can I get rid of the kernel panic?

I have the original NVDAresman and Geforce kexts

Thanks in advance! :D


Ohh and mods feel free to place this in another sector if it isn't the right one :P

P.S. if further specs are needed feel free to ask.

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hey there hows it going. can you please help me and let me know how to remove NVDAresman and Geforce kexts via terminal. I have a ati card and my system hangs on regaular boot when i try to boot and get the same kernal panic as you. please help. my email address is knight787@gmail.com or you can please reply to this post thanks very much

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ok i have found out some info but not enough to solve our problem. IF you have amd and a nvidia card you either need leopard amd installer or used a standard one and patch it with Marvin's amd utility. How to patch I dont know. But its in this forum under genious tutoriuls.




1. How did you manage boot into leopard in safemode without looping at the migration step.


2. If you did bypass it how and can you please tell me.


3. if you didnt how did you remove the original NVDAResman.kext and the original Geforce.kext.


:) Please help me. I'll be grateful for you help. Thank you.

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3. if you didnt how did you remove the original NVDAResman.kext and the original Geforce.kext.

boot with -s, run fsck & mount (as written on screen), then mv /System/Library/Extensions/NVDAResman.kext /tmp and same for Geforce.kext. Then just type exit and you'll get into VESA (?) mode again.


Still the panic problem is there even after patching NVDAResman.kext :)

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remove the geforce kext and leave the resman kext, i had the same problem where i could only boot in safe, when i remove the geforce kext it work fine, and when i remove resman too i loose dual screen, so resman is good, it also let you change resolution. just go in the extensions (System/Library/Extensions/) folder and delete the geforce kext manually

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