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Loop at 'Do you Already Own a Mac'


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I've managed to install OSX and boot into it using -f -x -v -legacy cpus=1 and I'm looping at the Do you Already own a mac screen.


As I understand it, this is caused by an incompatibility between the network card drivers and OSX. To fix this I'd need to do the pen drive process with the kext for the network card I'm using, right?


The motherboard I'm using is the P5NSLI with onboard ethernet. A look at Asus's website shows that the onboard lan is the Marvell® 88E8001 PCI Gb LAN controller. Where and how would I go about locating the necessary files for this? Is it gauranteed that they allready exist or might I be S.O.L. at this point until some kind soul makes the drivers?


Edit: Booted up with -x cpus=1


Double Edit: Still have the same error. Found drivers through insanelymac though. Trying that as soon as I locate my pendrive. (Drivers, for future reference, were from this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=15700)


3x Edit: Is there a good guide that someone can link me to on Kexts and what exactly I can do with them? To load the kext for my network card do I need to reinstall Leo or is it as simple as loading the installer off of the DVD, launching terminal and then copying the kext to the necessary directory?

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