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ATI Mobility X1800 (71021002) HELP! 10.5.1

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Hi there if anyone can hear me, first of all sorry for the bad english ,lol, this is the deal


ATI RADEON MOBILITY X1800 (0x71021002)


"iAKTOS 10.5.1"


-> I Added the ATIRadeonX1000.kext from Leo with my Device ID, funny thing i didn't have to use HEx editor

-> Voila!!! the Qe/Ci was enabled but no native resolution only 1024x768, mouse tearing

-> Since there are no drivers available for the card i have been trying everything i get in the forum

-> Till now the only version of ATINRDV.kext that worked was ATINDRV (1.0f159)

-> i was able to use the native resolution (1440x900),Qe/Qi no mouse teating but

-> the problems is that the backlight of the laptop doesn't turn on

-> with other ATINDRV versions it turns on but i get blackscreen/Blue/Garbage,etc and it locks

-> I have noticed that the version from 10.5.1 doesn't lock but it's feeding the laptop a super high frequency

cause the screen goes nuts.

-> ATIinject or NAtit same thing, EDID doesn't change even if i use EDID from another laptop i still got native res. Qe/CI



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