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Will leopard work on my setup


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My setup:


Asus M2R32-MVP Motherboard

AMD 64 x2 AM2 6000+ CPU

Sapphire HD 2900XT Graphics Card

2Gb OCZ DDR2 Ram 800MHz


I have 1 500gb Sata drive (Samsung). But this has my main windows installed so i dont want to install mac onto this drive.


I also have 2 ide drives i can use 1 120gb maxtor and the other 20gb maxtor.


I tried installing osx 10.5 leopard 9a581 (thats what it says in the readme) onto both the maxtor HDD's using the dd command through windows but it didn't work for either.


Does anyone know another version that will work on my setup or how to make this one work.


Just to add it does install onto the HDD but when i got to boot it just boots in a loop and never boots into the mac operating system. It reads the hdd for a few seconds then restarts the pc over and over again.


Cheers guys!!

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I managed to install Leo 10.5.1 AMD using the Zephyroth DVD version but i cant find any drivers for my mobo Asus M2R32-MVP which i need cause im using onboard sound.


Does anyone know of any out there and if there are do you know of any instructions on how to install them.



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